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The bronze cannon, now known as the Miracle Cannon, salvaged from the wreck of the Portuguese galleon Sacremento near Cape Recife and described as follows:
A bronze land cannon manufactured by Manuel Bocarro in Macao, China, with two dolphin-shaped lifting handles and two trunnions for mounting the cannon. The rear end of the cannon is decorated and has a cascebel depicting the Portuguese talisman which is a clenched fist with the thumb protruding between the fore and middle fingers. The cannon, which is 360 cm long, is decorated in relief with the coat of arms of the City of Macao and the crest of the Teles de Menzes family and bears the legend: ANTO TELES DE MENZES GOVOR DA INDIA A MANDOU FAZER NO ANNO DE 1640 POR MEL TAVARES BOCARRO.
The cannon is housed in the King George VI Art Gallery at 1 Park Drive, Port Elizabeth.

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